The Rise of Scams — A New Normal

Scams are on the rise, and it suddenly becomes the new norm. The danger is everywhere, and this is not just an online phenomenon. It gets even worse in real life. Scammers are a threat to our wealth, well-being, and our societies in general since their sole plan is to extract even the last penny they can.

If they are successful in scamming someone, they will have this person marked for future scams, and there are required immediate defense mechanisms for utter protection. When exploring a new online field where money is involved (like crypto) we have to be extra careful.

Internet scams are on the rise, yet the same is in real life. Usually, the victims of scammers are the weak and vulnerable, since scammers have no ethical principles and the justice system in most of the world just allows these criminals to get out free after a limited or even no jail time at all.

In crypto, these fraudsters mostly target the beginners in this field, since the lack of adequate information makes them immediate targets. Sadly, it is difficult to help the vulnerable and explain how to protect their wealth and not fall victim to scammers. We have to discuss with our elder relatives, yet, often they will just not want to listen or not understand how persuasive scammers are.

Scammers Don’t Discriminate

They will target anyone, it doesn’t matter, although the main target is the elder part of our population.

You may have heard of the call-center scams and how they are expanding in a “business” that extracts hundreds of millions of dollars yearly.

Maybe you have heard of the SIM-Swap scams, where scammers simply call the mobile provider, and with inside help, they acquire a SIM granting them access to all mobile apps their victim uses. Bank accounts are in danger and banks will do nothing to return the money, often accusing the victims of negligence. Although, this is a case where the victim did nothing wrong.

Moreover, scammers without any moral values will appear right in front of your doorstep with a certain script and fake papers to justify their presence.

Scammers probably already hold personal information on their victims, and use it accordingly. Trying to pass as lawyers, or government officials, or even friends of a relative. Their purpose is to extract funds with some excuse or even acquire more information on their victim.

Won’t go further to what happens next, but we all realize these lowlives are capable of anything.

Scammers have mastered the art of deception. They exploit the trust system of our societies and usually, their victims are people with ethics and trust in the human race. This is the worst part, though, since, maybe the money factor is not so important as losing hope in humankind.

These fraudsters don’t have a brain but mastering deception doesn’t require one. Their downfall is thinking they are intelligent. All of them get caught eventually due to the terrible mistakes they make and the weak plans they construct. But this is where the justice system fails and condemns our societies to constantly having to deal with lowlife degenerate thieves and scammers. There is simply no rehabilitation procedure at all since jails are full of the worst criminals and judges just think this social menace of scammers is not important enough.

We will often read how scammers exploited elders or vulnerable people and any perception of a promising human race collapses. With this kind of vermin on the rise and loose, there is simply no social progress and no advancement for humanity.

How weak and pathetic can a scammer be, stripped from emotions and having no morals at all to steal money from the vulnerable, just because they can.

Scammers don’t care if the person they scammed won’t have enough money to pay their bills, pay their loan, or pay for health care. They don’t care if their victims will have enough to get by, if they live or die,they just grab the money with an empty conscience and no moral terms.

In Conclusion: A Monetary System Based On Trust Is Exploitable

A whole system based on trust is the reason scammers exist in the first place. If cryptocurrencies are dangerous, they are to the newcomers mostly. Experienced in crypto have managed to assess the danger understand which schemes to avoid while managing to set up a strategy that reduces exposure to scams.

The government agencies are once again completely incompetent to eradicate these events, and the justice system has also done its part to allow scams to rise. Often many wonder why are these swindlers allowed to just act as they do. Probably this is politically motivated in some countries since there are a bunch of lawyers defending

There is a political purpose and in certain countries, the reflexes of the State are so poor and most governments are not a solution to crime. In fact, governments often instill crime since various swindlers occupy political positions.

This is yet another issue the State can’t do much. There is indifference and often we read by some people blaming the victims, yet this approach is wrong and irresponsible. As the governments fail to address these issues, there are voluntary initiatives that do so. The biggest issue is the extra-lenient justice system that usually does nothing and just lets them run free with no consequences for their actions.

Enhancing our privacy is an important first step.

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Cryptocurrency Writer.

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