30,000 Views! Record-Breaking Medium Stats For May 2023!

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6 min readJun 1, 2023
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My articles broke all records in May, except for earnings! I don’t anticipate anything significant in this regard with the new boost system.

Despite this, there was an uptick in views, reading time, new followers, subscribers, and referrals last month.

I joined Bitcoin in 2017, and since then, I was shocked at the magnitude of public manipulation and deception by crypto news and media and later decided to publish my thoughts to assist newcomers with an alternative point of view.

Perhaps cryptocurrency will be mainstream again, and a small part of investors and new cryptocurrency enthusiasts will realize the vast deception in the field.

I will be here for everyone and explain what exactly cryptocurrencies stand for.

Monthly Stats: May

Published 19 stories this month, but some of my older ones outperformed anything else.

My content reached thousands of people and broke the 30K views barrier! Also, reading time increased significantly.

Here are the stats of my new articles for May.

Story Stats For May

  • 5682 reads
  • 1155 fans

A record-breaking increase in followers, subscribers, and referred members took place in May, with more than 900 new followers joining.

  • 909 new followers
  • 226 new subscribers
  • 9 new referred members

Medium Referrals

Nine more people decided to sign up for Medium using my referral!

Thank you!

21 fans used my referral so far for their Medium monthly membership!

I can’t find words to express my gratitude!

If anyone else wants to apply for Medium membership, here are the details:

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Top Story: 60.000 Views!!!

My top story reached 60,000 views.

Also, more than 30 stories stand above the 1,000 milestone, and hundreds more ranging between 100 and 900 views.

Furthermore, my top story received the applause of 1,000 fans with more than 4,000 claps!

Partner Program Earnings: Still Low

My stories accumulated better views from Medium members, so May’s earnings increased.

Still, with the new boost system in effect, and editors of the top publications controlling who will get the boost, I doubt I will ever get one.

Be that as it may, progress so far is remarkable, and I feel the commitment to keep delivering quality content against the mainstream facade of the cryptocurrency domain.

I can only try publishing better content and, against all odds, achieve better earnings, as well.

Total Stats

In May, I broke several records and reached a follower base I never expected when I started publishing cryptocurrency content on Medium.

Audience: 4319 Followers!

  • 487 email subs
  • 21 referred members

I have to thank everyone for entrusting me with their follow on Medium.

Total Views: 213,54K

No publication helped me with better numbers but my content helped them with more than two hundred thousand views.

Getting closer to the 250K milestone, and the best part is that the read ratio also increased significantly.

All-Time Top Stories:

Several of my stories are SEO-compliant, with Google ranking them at the top of search results worldwide.

Still, most of the viewers are free members, and it appears that Medium did not advertise my content to paying subscribers.

My stories received no “boost” as expected, so the earnings did not correspond to my record-breaking stats.


Instead of asking for publications approval, I removed myself as a writer from many of those I was using and started my publication, the Crypto Kiosk:

The publications I used so far did little to nothing to support my work. They received hundreds of thousands of views, and instead of supporting me, they disrespected me and my work in several ways (rude comments by editors, articles rejected, inserting links in my content, and more).

Anyway, in case a publication wants to host my work, contact me, and I will decide if your publication is worthy of my content.

Some are still looking for quality stories by honest writers with experience in the crypto domain. Other publications prefer crypto-clueless authors writing about things they don’t understand.

If your publication is not honestly supporting cryptocurrency for the economic freedom it delivers, or you plan to fill my article with affiliate links, don’t bother contacting me.

In Conclusion

May’s record-breaking stats didn’t result in an equivalent increase in earnings. I don’t expect much from Medium lately due to the boost system and the increased power of publications, nonetheless, I’m optimistic about the future.

I have invested in cryptocurrency and have been using cryptocurrency daily. I envision peer-to-peer electronic cash becoming a globally accepted payment method.

Decentralization is a requirement in modern finance, and finance is catching on. Deterring innovation to maintain a costly and antiquated financial establishment only stalls progress and wealth generation.

Wishing everyone a great summer, hopeful that cryptocurrency will rebound and the utility of peer-to-peer electronic cash will outrun speculation.

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