[Update: The Project Turned and Rugged After 3 Months]Pixs RPG: Play-to-Earn NFT Game On SmartBCH

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[While this project was under development and the game had been tested by some from the community, it turned into a rug pull. It had a decent NFT collection and progress. Unreasonable and stupid behavior.]

“Pixs RPG — A War Of Honor” is a unique RPG game and one of the first blockchain games currently under development within smartBCH.

Games present the most convincing use case of NFTs.

Ownership of in-game assets was always causing friction since gaming corporations are in control of every digital asset in a game.

Times change, though, and the decades-long demand of gamers for control of digital assets is now becoming a reality with the development and mainstream adoption of NFT technology.

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Blockchain games form a vast chapter of the Cryptoverse, with an appeal beyond the core cryptocurrency community and the potential to attract millions of gamers.

SmartBCH was missing a blockchain game so far, but this is about to change!

*I had a wrong link to the full story. I removed it for Coinmonks for the reasons stated in the update.

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