Medium Celebrates its 10th Anniversary on August 15th!

4 min readJun 22, 2022

How Medium Uplifts Our Passion For Writing!

Image by “phtorxp”, on Pixabay

In less than two months, Medium will celebrate its 10th anniversary since the official launch of the platform in 2012!

I vividly remember how Medium links appeared in my search results ten years ago. The internet became better, more intriguing, with Medium offering a service we were all missing but always hoping to discover.


A new high-quality writing platform was out there and soon evolved into one of the top 100 internet locations in terms of traffic.

Sure, corporations and high-profile influencers use Medium as well. Still, Medium always presents a fair approach, a process that adds value to the user and creates a better internet for everyone.

A little more than a year ago, I started my Medium adventure, and while I never thought I could become a writer on Medium, I still published 200 articles so far!

I know I am not perfect as a writer. Regardless, I feel proud when an article exceeds my expectations once in a while, and Medium attributed a lot to this improvement.

Facilitating Progress

Image by “geralt”, on Pixabay

What motivates us is progress. Once in a while, we achieve better results and discover we can outperform our standards and become better.

I used to blame my lack of fluency when struggling to express my thoughts, but this is only an excuse that blocks writers from maturing.

I’m not a native English speaker, and occasionally I will not deliver the demanded results. Still, writing on Medium helped me increase quality and perform adequately.

Yet, sometimes, once in a while, we are all surpassing our expectations. Sometimes, we reach this level, where we read our work again perhaps a week later and feel proud of what we accomplished.


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