How Bitcoin Cash Can 10x Its Userbase and Marketcap

No point in building the biggest, most awesome stadium in a town, with 100 people in it. So probably focus on marketing and user adoption.

We find more thoughts from the community gathered in this article by Cheap Lightning: 1 Million Dollars, regarding Bitcoin Cash marketing.

Marketing, branding, PR, are always priorities. Although, the decentralized structure of Bitcoin Cash makes it challenging to associate with traditional marketing agencies.

The marketing and PR experts are operating under certain terms. These are organizations registered in jurisdictions and discuss terms with other entities (organizations, foundations, corporations).

Bitcoin Cash has no administration, and its decision process proceeds with the consensus of all constituencies.

Perhaps an organization similar to the early Bitcoin Foundation or the Ethereum and Cardano foundations could be the best approach to handle the communications and marketing plan that will further enhance the public image of Bitcoin Cash.

With support from professional marketing, Bitcoin Cash can achieve attracting on-chain adoption in the state-of-the-art blockchain network it is building.

Bitcoin Cash has filled its arsenal with “weapons” other networks are envious of and instead of trying to build the same, resort to anti-BCH behavior and playing down developments instead.

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How Bitcoin Cash Can 10x Its Userbase and Marketcap

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