Game Of… Thrones: Queens NFTs on SmartBCH!

Another NFT collection launched on smartBCH and successfully attracted the attention of smartBCH collectors.

After Poolside Puffers, Law Punks, and CashCats, Thrones: Queens is now the latest NFT collection in smartBCH that sold its entire collection of 10,000 NFTs in just three hours.

300BCH (~$110,000) was the total volumes Thrones: Queens attracted just for the mint phase and trading is also taking place at the OASIS NFT marketplace.

Each NFT mint price was 0.03BCH and the smartBCH NFT fanbase showed its commitment to fund and invest early, dedicated to supporting the NFTs that may present rare opportunities as previously Law Punks did.

Once again, this is a major example of the power of the smartBCH community since the numbers are lately soaring, with thousands of new members joining and actively engaging in smartBCH DeFi and NFT opportunities.

Game of Thrones!

The Throne NFTs sold out in a matter of hours and trading at OASIS is now creating high volumes.

The rarity features were announced immediately after the minting phase was over, and some rare NFTs are now selling at 0.5BCH and above.

The rarity of each NFT is based on various traits they present (link to rarity traits)

With the success of Thrones: Queens, we now expect more developments and perhaps a new collection from this project.

NFTs in smartBCH are surging

It is an undeniable fact that NFTs in smartBCH have met an enthusiastic crowd that instantly embraces every decent collection and artist.

We have to add to the NFT successes in smartBCH Thrones: Queens, for the impressive volumes it produced and the interest in trading that follows.

So, until now the most successful NFT series produced in smartBCH are:

With more collections under development and a profitable outcome for collectors and traders, we should be expecting an increase in user numbers of smartBCH.

Thrones: Queens Links:

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