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Imagine earning money from your tweets. Imagine having friends upvoting your recent Facebook post and earning a few cents each time you get a “like”!

I’ve never believed such a day will come, and the moment I learned about Noise.Cash I felt suspicious and did not believe this was real.

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Ethereum fees too high? BSC yields too low?

DeFi is on SmartBCH and I’ve tested it already.

It was just five days ago I gave details of my first SmartBCH DeFi investment as a liquidity provider in the MuesliSwapplatform:

I plan to invest in all three SmartBCH DEXs and I’ve…

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A few days ago, Vitalik Buterin published a comment in Reddit about Bukele’s government and the approach of enforcing the use of BTC (with LN and Strike/Chivo wallets).

As I was expecting, r/cryptocurrency banned me after commenting, so I deleted (again) my Reddit account. I identify this website as a…

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The rise of NFTs has been spectacular throughout the past two years.

Ethereum, WAX, Enjin, and Polygon are some platforms enjoying rapid adoption and high popularity levels.

Various artists and celebrities found it to be a lucrative business, and we watched too many entering this field just for a quick…

With the release of the mainnet of the SmartBCH sidechain, Bitcoin Cash becomes an investing opportunity nobody should skip.

There are rapid developments lately, and probably some are not thinking about getting involved. However, this is a profitable endeavor and it is our duty to inform others on this opportunity.

BTC is today a distorted image of its revolutionary past.

There is nothing in it except an endless, pointless discussion to regulate it, put it on the shelves of Wall Street as an ETF, and tax it. …

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In the last two years, DeFi kicked off and turned the tables in the cryptocurrency world. Especially from the beginning of 2020, we witness a massive marketing campaign to promote DeFi. …

Bitcoin ($BTC) is today a trillion dollar asset.

The early Bitcoin adopters (2009–2012) deserve praise for the profit they amassed. Newcomers will often describe them as lucky for stumbling upon Bitcoin at a time its price was a mere dollar or even less. Luck is out of the question, though.

The BTC version of Bitcoin is today just a ghost of its glorious and revolutionary past. There are just rare discussions today on the concepts of empowering self-ownership and individual finance. Most investors are just about the number going up in exchanges and will never move coins.

It was all…


The BTC community is currently discussing adoption for BTC as a payment method with the use of the Lightning Network although, it forgets to consider the failure of scaling the BTC blockchain.

Maybe in time, there will be a similar approach for the Liquid Network ( recently down for 22…


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