1,000 FANS LIKED MY STORY!!! (50,000 Views, No Boost)

Full Stats And Impact On Followers, Subs, and Referrals

5 min readMay 21, 2023

I never expected that one of my stories would meet such a reception, especially not when cryptocurrency is not mainstream.

My top story: “Here’s How To Earn Cryptocurrency In 2023 With No Investment”, reached 1000 likes!

Likes, not claps!

A thousand unique visitors found one of my stories valuable enough to clap at least once! Claps in total reached 3,500 at the time of writing this.

I am grateful to all my readers, those that took the time to create a Medium account and read my story, and especially all those that used my referral link and became Medium members.

Let’s have a look at the stats of the story and the impact this story had on my follower base and other numbers.

(August 2nd 2023: This story now has more than 2000 likes and 8000 claps).

Here’s How To Earn Cryptocurrency In 2023 With No Investment: 52,000 Views, 3500 Claps, 1000 Likes

I’ve always dreamt of having one of my stories accepted by a wide audience.

As writers, our ultimate goal is to reach out to thousands of people and deliver immense value.

This story was successful in doing that, especially when cryptocurrency is living its darkest moments.

Story’s Impact

  • Published on January 18th, 2023
  • $268.51 rewards

The rewards seem disappointing, although, Medium rewards writers for the reading time of paying members. There my story performed decently but did not attract as many Medium members as I would have wanted.

Medium will pay between $2 and $5 per hour of reading time (from members).

3m and 31 seconds average reading time is another interesting factor that I analyze here.

In other words, 3m and 31 seconds average time for 52,000 views is

  • 182,000 minutes or
  • 3033,33 hours
  • 126,38 days
  • 4.21 months or
  • 0.35 years of reading time !!

People collectively spend a third of a year reading my article!

Still, this article underperformed regarding the rewards ($270 for 50,000 views), since the title and topic did not attract Medium paying members.

Further Impact On Followers, Subscribers, And Referrals

Besides the exponential increase in followers and email subscribers, my story also brought several new people to Medium as paying members.

I am grateful to the people that decided to subscribe on the platform using my referral, as they contributed to the small but still meaningful income I receive from Medium.

Monthly stats of all my stories:

There is one thing that millions on the internet are looking for: Money.

Cryptocurrency is the best implementation of money we’ve ever had.

Even if this was just an earn-money-online article, there is a clear message in the story:

Don’t waste opportunities.

Don’t waste your future.

Final Thoughts

I highly doubt anyone can call themselves a cryptocurrency expert. That would be naive since this is not just about coding, not just about finance or economics. There’s a bigger picture that many miss.

I’m not an expert either, and I doubt anyone can call themselves this way.

Perhaps Andreas Antonopoulos can be considered an expert. But is Andreas an expert on anything? He is a great lecturer, but does he understand money and economics?

Can Andreas explain the velocity of money?

Can he describe macroeconomic terms, charts, and equations?

Do crypto experts understand why MV=PT and can they explain GDP multipliers?

Andreas is expert in Bitcoin’s code. He is a programmer and a computer scientist who understands and explains how Bitcoin works.

Yet, Bitcoin is more than just code. It is (or it used to be) money. How can you explain that with a limited understanding of economics?

It takes a lot more than just manipulating public opinion on Twitter to reach a state of awareness.

I don’t write to please publication editors, as I respect my audience and won’t be feeding them to BlockFi and Celsius wolves, or other investing scams.

People value experience and ethos. I hope to keep contributing in this approach.

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